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Why should I attend?

The RTB recognises the invaluable role landlords have in providing homes but also that the legal framework governing the rental sector is complex and continually changing. It can be difficult to manage tenancies and keep up to date with the policy and legislative changes in the sector.

Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlords will be able to set themselves apart in the rental sector and be recognised as professionals providing a quality service to their tenants while also being confident in how to apply and adhere to the regulatory framework under which they operate their business

These training sessions are provided free of charge. Please note that the Betterlet scheme is currently only open to individual landlords and not property professionals or agents or Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs).

The free training is designed to:

  1. understand their rights and responsibilities, and help them manage their tenancies correctly
  2. gain an in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, the legislation that underpins the RTB and the residential rental sector, and
  3. provide a quality service while applying and adhering to a complex regulatory framework.

What will I learn? 

The training session content covers: 

The RTB is currently planning the virtual training scheme schedule for 2022, taking account of Covid-19 restrictions and the changing legislative environment. If you would like to attend a future training event or be kept informed of upcoming Betterlet training sessions, please contact us at

Top Up Sessions 

Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlords are required to attend at least one top up or refresher course within the two years of accreditation in order to renew accreditation status. 

If you are a Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlord and have not yet attended a top up session or have ideas on thematic sessions to be considered for a top up session, please email