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Tenancy Registration Update Form


From time to time things might change in the tenancy that you have registered with the RTB.

For example:

  1.  Tenants are replaced by new tenants (but at least one of the original tenants remains in the rented property), this would be considered an update to an existing tenancy record.
  2. if there is a change in one of the particulars of the tenancy after it has been registered with the RTB.
  3. If there is a change of rent, a landlord is required to notify the RTB within one month of that change and when doing so, is required to advise of any other change of the tenancy details that have arisen in the interim.

No fee is payable when providing an update of tenancy details.

Please note:

You cannot update the tenancy commencement date. If the wrong tenancy commencement date was erroneously provided on the application to register then a correction must be submitted in writing to the RTB.

Please click here to download a Registration Tenancy Update Form which should be completed and can be either:

  1.  Posted to:         RTB, PO Box 47, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
  2. Emailed to:


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